Practical Usage Of Betonblock Products For Consumers When Building Their House


Producing blocks of different shapes and sizes has become easier to achieve with the advent of Betonblock products. This technology has vastly improved the quality of blocks produced and offered better techniques for producing them. It is also a more cost-effective and convenient innovation for molding new and residual concretes into blocks. Below is a list of Betonblock products and their functions in building or house reconstruction. Read more

5 most interesting Warsaw’s monuments by ITS Polish travel agent


Warsaw is the capital of Poland. Located in the centre of Europe with good flight connections with almost all European countries. The agglomeration that is often undervalued but having a lot to offer to tourists and holding mesmerizing history. The meticulously reconstructed Old Town is also enlisted at the most prestigious UNESCO World Heritage List. In this article we would like to share with you attractions that are completely free of charge and are definitely worth seeing. This insider knowledge was prepared for us by ITS Poland a renowned Polish travel agent that has been working with international tourist groups since 2005. Read more