Where are the Best Areas in Cebu to Buy a Condo?

Cebu is the first choice of many foreigners when coming to the Philippines, and it should be one of your first choices too. It is distinctly cleaner and more tourist-attractive than say, Metro Manila. According to Axe Real Estate, the prices of the condos for sale in Cebu are like those in the better areas of Manila. A lot of cities in Cebu are also highly-urbanized and caters a myriad of commercial and business hotspots for your or your client’s needs. Read more

How to Find Cheap Houses For Sale in Kansas City

kansas city homes for sale

Finding cheap houses for sale in Kansas City, MO, is not as complicated as you think it is. Many investors earn a good amount of money by buying cheap houses. You might be wondering how. An investor buys cheap houses for sale in the market and then spends some dollars renovating them and selling them at a competitive price. However, the pricing will depend on the location, how big it is, and repairs done to make it look good as new. Read more

Toronto Condo Market – Overview 2020

Toronto condo market

One of the best ways to understand the current situation of the Toronto condo market is by comparing before and after the current pandemic. That’s the best way to get a real perspective of the current situation and not be confused by some of the trends we see this summer. For the following analyses, we’ve used data and insights from the Toronto Regional Real Estate Board, CondoMapper, Read more