Accommodation and a day spent on tours within 500 metre range – where can I get that?

krakow accommodation

In the capital of polish culture. A place where you can visit the most of the historical places in a square kilometre, the former capital of Poland and kings’ residency – Krakow, or, to be more specific – Old Town and its vicinity.

Starting point – good Krakow hostel

The task is simple – find an accommodation for groups in the nearby surrounding of places of culture, historical value and relaxation. As we will prove in this article, it is not that hard. Just to be clear, the distance is given by the actual route you must take in order to get into proposed places.

Gołębia street

By Gołębia street in the Old Town its’ location has Draggo House – a hostel for groups and individual tourists. It has rooms of capacity of 10 people at once, but, also, for a couple or an individual. In fact any number of travellers is welcome here. One of the greatest assets of this place is its location, but that is not all what he hostel has to offer.

In Draggo House you may find:

  • Access to Wi-Fi
  • Charging docks
  • Modern interiors – neat rooms, roomy common areas, comfy beds
  • Nice bathrooms
  • Cupboards
  • Smart TV
  • Help for groups – from 10 people up you get a reservation coordinator who makes reservations to museums, restaurants and culture centres.


5 minutes walk

What can you find 5 minutes away from Draggo House? You may choose from our a little subjective list of attractions:

  • 100 m from the hostel – an Orthodox church of Exaltation of the Holy Cross – centre of Krakow is not only filled with catholic churches. Not all 100m from Draggo is an Orthodox church. You can find there an iconostasis (it separates the chancel from the rest of the church) painted by an apprentice of Jan Matejko – Wladislaw Rossowski
  • 150 m – A Cellar under the Rams – a legendary pub and cabaret, where we may admire regular shows of artists. But! You must reserve the tickets in advance.
  • 170 m – Church of St. Francis of Assisi – gothic and soaring, and inside stained-glass windows and polychromes by Stanislaw Wyspiański.
  • 270 m – Krakow Philharmonics – one of the most interesting ways of spending the evening.
  • 300 m – church of St. Wojciech – a tiny church on the Main Square. Even though it was rebuilt in baroque style it was originally built in roman style in XI or XII century.
  • 350 m – The Helena Modrzejewska National Stary Theatre – if not philharmonics then, maybe one of the most famous polish theatres?
  • 350 m – The Monument of Mickiewicz – a romantic artist who is a witness of many romantic meetings. A characteristic place in the Main Square.
  • 350 m – St. Mary’s Basilica – with an ltar by Wit Stwosz. One of the symbols of Krakow.
  • 400 m – The Museum of Illusion – a little bit of a white lie never hurt anybody.. an alternative for traditional museums.
  • 500 m – Contemporary Art Museum KERSTEN – if you get tired by the landmarks you may always access some contemporary art for a change.

What is more, there are many places in the nearest surrounding where you can listen to live music, e.g. in “The Club under Lizards”. The Old Town, also, has to offer many charming cafes and restaurants.