Corporate Housing Makes Sense

If you are planning on getting out of town for a few days, your first thought would probably be to stay at a hotel. But, what if work calls and they want to send you to another state for a month to train employees? Do you pick up the phone and book a stay at the local hotel? In most cases, the answer is no. You would be looking at corporate housing.

Why Choose Corporate Housing

Corporate housing offers more than a hotel in most cases. If you will have to stay more than a couple of weeks, you will want all the amenities of home. When taking long trips from home you will not want to have to order out for food every day or search for a place to do your laundry. With corporate housing, there’s no need to worry. Corporate housing offers all the luxuries of home.

Corporate Housing

Leasing Corporate Housing

When leasing corporate housing there are a few things to know about. First, there is only one monthly fee, and this includes perks like the internet, electricity, and most of the other utilities. Paying one fee for everything makes it easier with less to worry about.

Upon signing, there is usually a security deposit that is requested and some of it will be refundable. The sum of the initial deposit that is not refundable is used for administration and processing fees.

Corporate housing is set up so that it is move-in ready. All a resident needs to do is arrive at the location and everything that is needed is already supplied. There is no need to run and find a can opener if you decide to have a bowl of soup. The same holds true for cooking a meal. The stove and refrigerator are already there with the all of the necessary pots, pans, and utensils. Corporate housing allows you to have everything right at your fingertips.

Corporate Housing Shows Growth

Data and recent reports show that the rate of corporate housing use is growing at a steady pace. With millennials now in the workforce, there is a growing need for corporate housing. It is estimated that about 70% of consumers book their own corporate housing. This number continues to grow as word gets out about the perks of leasing corporate housing. Although hotel rooms are great, the experience of staying in corporate housing just makes it feel more like home.

Corporate Housing

Corporate Housing by Another Name

Do not let the different names for corporate housing confuse you. Corporate housing goes by other names including:

  • Temporary housing
  • Short-term housing
  • Corporate housing
  • Executive housing
  • Serviced apartments
  • Executive apartments

Despite the different names used, they all still lead to the type of corporate housing that is utilized by many professionals and families around the world.