Dominate the Real Estate Market with These Six Real Estate SEO and Marketing Strategies

Marketing in real estate is not the same as marketing for other products and services. You need to use every marketing strategy up your sleeves to get the customers and stay in the game. It’s hard to stand out in the market saturated with other real estate agents. But if you know how to work on your marketing, getting clients should be easier.

1. Know the basics of your product

Here’s a thing about real estate properties: they’re all not the same. Depending on the available supply from real estate developers, an agent from a different place will compare properties with that of an agent from a different city. There will be cities where cheap yet comfortable housing gets the biggest sales. On the other hand, more progressive cities will have more condominium units for sale. Know what kind of market is in demand in your area and see what marketing styles you can do with this information.

2. Use free advertisement

Whether it’s from social media posts, real estate forum help, and even word of mouth from your relatives, try to utilize any free advertising. You can use these sources, especially if you’re starting your career as an agent. When you’re using your website for your business, ask your past clients if they can give client testimonials to be shown on the homepage. Grow your network and always give your contact details to a possible new client.

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3. Hire expert advertisers

If you want to grow your network further and make your service known, you might want to hire expert advertisers. You can do the advertising on your own, but it will suck a lot of time in your schedule (both for learning how advertisement works, as well as planning and implementing it). Real estate SEO consultant already knows what to do to optimize the reach of your website, and it can save time and money more than you can imagine.

4. Tour the client virtually

Yes, you can now set a virtual tour for your clients on your site. The technology used to make this possible is called 360 photography. There are software and tools that you can use to make the tour work. As of now, the best virtual tour software is Pano2VR and My360. You can use Facebook if you’re still testing out this concept for your site.

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5. Create one website where you host all your listings

Getting all your listings to appear on major listing sites is helpful to reach more clients. But setting up a website for all your listings is also a good marketing strategy. Instead of flicking on other properties for sale, the visitor will see your other listings instead.

6. Keep your ads localized

The majority of the possible clients in real estate sales are locals. Marketing is better if localized and made to cater to the local needs. Use local landscapes, famous destinations, and more attractive things about the area. Don’t forget to partner with the local business like Guru Real Estate Marketing to expand your branding identity.