Great Neighborhoods For Short Term Apartment Rentals In Budapest

Budapest is an exciting and multicultural City. Its fascinating history is a great source of attraction for tourists, and its low cost of living encourages expatriates to live and work here. Budapest is made up of different regions, like Buda and Pest, and these regions comprise of different neighborhoods. To enjoy your stay in Budapest, you need to find an area perfect for your short-term stay. Here are a few options to look through:


This is the perfect neighborhood if you do not intend on missing out on the night time action. Erzsébetváros is also called District Seven, or the old Jewish Quarter where Dohany Street Synagogue is located. It is a fun and exciting neighborhood to live, and its Ruin Bars are a popular attraction for tourists. Exploring these ruin bars is safer and even more fun with

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A section of District 13, Újlipótváros is a quiet chic and modernist neighborhood. It is close to the Danube and offers residents great views of the river. It is composed of buildings of Bauhaus style, and late-19th-century from the revivalist era. Újlipótváros is a residential area and is quite popular with younger families.



Also known as District V, Belváros-Lipótváros is right along the Danube. It is the real downtown of Budapest, so its location is very central. There are a few significant buildings here, including St. Stephen’s Basilica, the Hungarian Parliament Building, and more. Living here is a bit pricey, but it allows you easy access to destinations.



Várkerület is a historic neighborhood in the Buda region. It is quite hilly and has a charming atmosphere. Also known as District 1 or Castle District, this neighborhood is the oldest residential area in Budapest. In spite of its hilly location, it can easily be accessed on foot and by bicycle. It is located by the waterfront, and has the oldest homes in Budapest, like Buda Castle Royal Palace and much more. Also, this neighborhood is perfect if you don’t intend to explore the nightlife.