How to Find Cheap Houses For Sale in Kansas City

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Finding cheap houses for sale in Kansas City, MO, is not as complicated as you think it is. Many investors earn a good amount of money by buying cheap houses. You might be wondering how. An investor buys cheap houses for sale in the market and then spends some dollars renovating them and selling them at a competitive price. However, the pricing will depend on the location, how big it is, and repairs done to make it look good as new.

Below are tips on how you can find the lowest-priced houses to buy.

Sort by Price

If you use an online real estate platform to search for cheap houses, change the setting and click to sort by cheapest first. The cheapest-priced property will be listed first. Sometimes, the property’s location can be searched on a platform like,, or You will have a better view of how the neighborhood looks like. This can help you decide without going there.

Check Out Several Houses

By merely looking at several houses, you can sort out the good from the bad and focus on the great deals. One way of finding cheap homes for sale is to understand your local real estate market better. You can set up an appointment with your agent to tour you around and check out a dozen of possible cheap houses in a day. Do not forget to take note of the specific features you like and don’t like.

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Search for FSBO

Many homeowners would list their homes with an FSBO or For Sale BY Owner sign in the property and hope someone will notice it. These owners are often unaware of their property’s actual value and sell it at a low price than other homes in the neighborhood. Some of them are listed at Craiglist sites for FSBO sales, so check it regularly.

Be a Good Negotiator

Keep this in mind “the asking price is not always the selling price.” The best way to lower the price of a specific property is to negotiate with the seller. Learn how to deal effectively and get the price that you want. You can ask for advice from the experts or apply what you have learned in school. There is no harm in trying. Some homeowners set up a higher price for their properties so they can lower it if a potential buyer asked for discounts.

Final Thoughts

Sometimes buying an expensive home is not a good idea. If you are buying a house for your investment, it is better to buy cheaper property and renovate it than getting an expensive home that might deteriorate in the future. You can find many cheap houses for sale in Kansas City worth buying than the costly ones.

Purchasing an affordable property can give you great savings and higher earnings if you decide to sell it in the future. Hopefully, the above tips will help you find the property that will make you happy and earn a lot from it.