New Downtown Tbilisi


Georgian Railways, owner and until recently, user, of a 74 hectare site in downtown Tbilisi, will launch, based on a Master Plan developed by Agence Parisienne d’Urbanisme (APUR) and Systra engineering company; an iconic urban development that will give impetus to the regeneration of Tbilisi, creating a coherent mixed-use development and preparing the city for the challenges of the 21st century.

The Georgian Railway development site potentially corresponds to potentially 2 million sqm of new built area.

This Masterplan will be based on environmental, architectural, urban, socio-economic and welfare criteria, which will allow on a short and medium term basis the same kind of achievement as King’s Cross regeneration in London, 22@ in Barcelona or Paris Rive Gauche in Paris.

The project will combine residential, offices, street retail, hospitality and leisure activities. High quality public facilities and spaces will give a high urban value to the land. Street retail rather than shopping centres will be promoted for their convenience and environmentally-friendly integration to the city.

The Master Plan has a strong and coherent urban structure in order to give credibility and life to the project, based notably on a boulevard following former railway roads, going north to south and a 4-hectare green park.
Since the first beginnings of the city of Tbilisi, the right bank of the Mtkvari river kept the main urban functions of the city: the fortress, the parliament, the City Hall.

This urban project will be the catalyst for the regeneration of the left bank: social and economic activities will be enhanced; connections between this area and the rest of the city will be developed. In a context of strong and steady economic growth in Georgia and Tbilisi, it will be a milestone in adapting the city’s infrastructure to its growing role of regional hub for the whole Caucasus region.

The recent establishment of the presidential palace complex and the Sameeba Cathedral on the left bank mark a shift of urban strategy with which the Georgian Railways opportunity will be keystone.

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