Practical Usage Of Betonblock Products For Consumers When Building Their House


Producing blocks of different shapes and sizes has become easier to achieve with the advent of Betonblock products. This technology has vastly improved the quality of blocks produced and offered better techniques for producing them. It is also a more cost-effective and convenient innovation for molding new and residual concretes into blocks. Below is a list of Betonblock products and their functions in building or house reconstruction.

Betonblock Products and their Practical Uses

  1. Concrete Block Mold

The Betonblock concrete block molds are effective for the production of blocks having various shapes and sizes. These different blocks can be shaped in one mold through the use of clever dividers. Betonblock molds produce the exact shapes and sizes of blocks, making the construction regular and tight. Also, the molding process is easy and fast. Creating a temporary storage area is possible when these molds are stacked.

  1. Tetrapod

The newest Betonblock technology is the Betonblock Tetrapod. It is used to design beautifully shaped breakwater elements, which reduces the force of waves by causing them to flow around the tetrapod rather than against it. The concrete elements can take a variety of designs, are more reliable and effective. These elements are randomly arranged in interlocking patterns to reduce displacement. Furthermore, highly durable tetrapod molds occur in a wide variety of sizes that help in the creation of an adequate water barrier.

  1. Barrier Molds

Barrier molds do not just serve as molds for concrete. They are used during roadworks to form a straight and sturdy barrier that can separate the work zone from the passageway. When a vehicle collides with these molds, the damage done would be minimal due to the molds guiding lines. By stacking up the barrier molds, a strong concrete wall is built to keep the workers safe.


  1. Concrete Slab Mold and Accessories

When closing gutters in your exteriors or hardening the ground with concrete slabs, the Betonblock concrete slab mold makes the process easy and fast. If you expect large vehicles in your driveway or parking lot, or you want sturdy pavings for your exteriors, slabs made with this tool can serve the purpose. This mold is easy to use – you only need to pour in molten concrete and wait for it to set. The slabs produced here are firm and uniform.

  1. Dividers

Dividers come in different shapes and sizes. They can be rectangular, sloppy, stepped, and so on. They are fixed to a concrete block mold using eight bolts to design different sizes of blocks. When the dividers are set, you simply have to pour in concrete to make a block. Yes, anyone can do it!

  1. Lifting and hoisting equipment and accessories

Betonblock sought to offer wholesome services when they made the lifting and hoisting equipment. It is of different types, one being the lifting beam or the CLA. The CLA works with a concrete block clamp suspended underneath to steadily and properly transport concrete beams or slabs. Another piece of equipment, the Rotator clamp or R1900, is designed to enable the forklift truck to hold and turn concrete blocks. It also has a Lift and Turn mechanism attached to the forklift truck to move and lay the slabs.



Betonblock offers different types of molds for concrete that has revolutionized the building industry. Some of these molds have multiple applications, hence are very economical. Also, since they are easy to use, individuals can use them for building and reconstructing houses.