Ten Tips to Sell your House fast

To sell a house, here are ten handy tips to get your house noticed:
1. Odd jobs. Finishing off all those little chores and repairs. This can add a lot of value in terms of appearance, and removes the sales resistance created by obvious work needing to be done on the house.

2. Declutter. Open up your house by creating some space. There are plenty of good reasons for decluttering:
Creating living space. This emphasizes the real interior dimensions, therefore showing the house off at its real size, not the reduced space created by a lot of furniture, etc.

Simplify your situation when moving out. The decluttering will make your move a lot easier, and reduces the bulk of things to be moved. That can save you a lot of money in moving costs, too.

3. Create a blank canvas. This is a major selling point. Take away your personality from the house so potential buyers can see their own in its place. The idea is the display home effect, creating a lot of space for imagination for the buyers.

Sell your House fast

4. Painting. A simple lick of paint will help you get used to the change, too. Youll have noticed at auctions that the less well-presented houses get a lot less enthusiasm from bidders, and obvious concerns about extra costs in the maintenance areas.

5. Clean like crazy. Get down on all fours and clean every nook and cranny of your house. This is also good maintenance, and helps present the house properly.

6. Floors. Often overlooked, but floors are easily noticeable if dirty. Flooring can be a significant cost to buyers, and giving the impression that they need to do a full cleanup is often a significant negative sales point.

7. Set the stage. Make your house like a film set getting ready to shoot a scene. This is all sales presentation. The perfect house with a perfect setting is the best, most effective presentation. Its easy to do, and not expensive.

8. Trim the edges and tidy up the garden. Sort out the garden and lawns to look welcoming to potential buyers. A weed mat will remove the weeds in a week, with no digging required, just rake them up. Bark mulch will cover up the bare patches and look good.

9. Have your property professionally inspected. This is extremely important. The buyer will use a building inspector, so you need to be fully aware of any possible issues well before sale time.

10. Pets. The family pet can also send the message that this is someone elses home. Take them out of the house when people are viewing.

Important: Remember to check out your home and contents insurance. When the big day comes, youll need to be fully in the picture about your policy for your new home.